GospelMemes — A Draft to Share

July 26th, 2008

by Peter Kress 

At long last (six years in), I am overcoming my (probably wise) apprehension, and posting a document that I have been thinking about for a while.  The document seeks to describe a brief theological/confessional summary of the Gospel.  I am convinced that it is important for every generation in every place to grapple anew with the Gospel and its relevance, its imperative for our time.

 In many ways, this challenge is particularly timely for our generation.  In his trilogy, “the baroque cycle”, Neal Stephenson uses historical fiction to illustrate the emergence of a new “system of the world” between 1660 and 1714.  It is my belief that we are in the middle of another, perhaps even more fundamental, “system of the world” shift.  I am no longer confident that the particular articulations of the Gospel that informs our traditions are adequate to support the faith of emerging generations.  Yet, I am more confident then ever that the Gospel is active, relevant, persuasive in this new age and that communities of faith will flourish.  So I venture to enter the conversation regarding what a fresh articulation of a theology/apologetic/confession of Christ will be.

 I think the necessary conversation (of which this blog may be only a whisper on the sidelines)  will need to be far more ecumenical, global, inclusive, and generous if it is to provide an encouragement to gospel lives and gospel communities in this 21st century.  So I recognize that by deciding to post my thoughts, I must prepare myself to listen, to change, to embrace a result that may differ significantly from where I am today.

 Posting this initial document is meant to kick off a series of posts in which I will try to expand on various themes of this document, comment on questions that I or others are grappling with, and apply the ideas to what is happening in this world, personally, communally, globally.  I am not, by nature a prolific writer, so I will be doing well if I get a weekly entry up.  I hope all will be patient.  So … here goes.